The Belper Rover Race Instructions

The Belper Rover 2021-Race Instructions

Please be advised there maybe changes on the race instructions to align to 2022 these instructions will be posted nearer the time of the race.

 If you have entered an event before things will be a little different, please ‘roll’ with it, it’s different for us as well but we still want it to be fun.

If you are aiming for a PB this may not be the best event to achieve this given the restrictions & conduct required for the event to happen. The Belper Rover is reliant on everyone looking out for each other, being respectful of others & following government Covid-19 guidelines*.

*Government guidelines may change, please follow the guidelines in place on the 15th August, we will amend these instructions if and when guidance is changed

NOTE: Failure to read these instructions will affect your performance in this event.

To ensure the event is Covid-19 compliant several measures have been included for the wellbeing of everyone involved & members of the public. PLEASE follow these measures at all times.

Covid-19 info:

If you have or have had any of the symptoms of coronavirus in the 14 days preceding the event, please do not attend.

All entrants are advised to take a covid lateral flow test on Saturday 14th August. If you test positive, please do not attend we will transfer your entry to 2022.

Covid-19 lateral flow test kits are available free of charge from your local pharmacist

Athletes & supporters are requested to wear a mask/face covering in the registration /finish area, inside Belper meadows sports centre & socially distance @ 2 metres

Please use the hand sanitizing areas in the registration area.

Please carry a small bottle of sanitizer during the event so you can clean your hands after going through stiles, gates, water stations, eating food etc.


Race help: In the unlikely event you require assistance on race day please call 07718 143719.

Date: 15th August 2021

Parking: is available at the Start / Finish area at Belper meadows Sports centre, Bridge St, Belper DE56 1BA at £2.50 per car. Please have correct change & put in the bucket on arrival.

No change given, No card payments, No drop off facility (narrow road entrance 5mph)

Parking: is also available at Field Lane car park DE56 1DD Belper £2.70 ALL DAY. 5-minute walk to Belper Meadows.

Please do not park at East Mill or any other areas other than official car parks. Belper will be quiet when you arrive but can be busy on Sundays after 10:00.

Spectators / supporters: Are welcome at Belper meadows sports centre, The café will be open to provide refreshments etc.

NO Dogs are permitted inside the Belper meadows facility building or inside the fenced area.

Race HQ. Number & chip collection

Runners are asked to collect their numbers according to their estimated finish time as this event will have a rolling start (SEE GUIDE BELOW).

EG: If you estimate that you will finish in 3:10, you will aim to arrive at registration at 08:15. This is to reduce congestion & the transmission risk in the start / finish area.

 When collecting your number & chip please queue at a social 2mtr distance.

Finish time………………Arrive

Sub 2:30………………….07:15

Sub 2:45………………….07:45

Sub 3:00………….……..08:00

Sub 3:15……….…………08:15

Sub 3:30………….………08:30

Sub 3:45………………….08:45

Sub 4:00…………….……09:00


Walkers are asked to collect their numbers at 07:15 & are requested to walk on the left.

It is important that you self-seed correctly as this will reduce the amount of overtaking / contact with others.

Race HQ & Finish: Belper meadows Sports centre, Bridge st, Belper DE56 1BA.

The Finish area & water stations are crewed by volunteers from the Belper Meadows Sports Centre, Milford May Day Committee & Milford in Bloom. Proceeds from the Belper Rover go towards these local community groups.

 Please say thank you to them for assisting you from Start to Finish.

Any route changes will be posted at the registration point.

Your race number & chip.

On arrival at Belper Meadows please proceed to the registration tent to collect your race number.

Your race number will be on the entrant list on the Belper rover website / Facebook page after the 12th of August. Make a note of your number & collect your number & race chip from the registration desk.

Please complete the emergency contact details etc on the back of your race number

Race chip your race chip will be attached to the back your race number, it is important that you do not fold or cut the number.

 Bag drop: There will be no bag drop available, please arrive ready to start.

Changing rooms, there will be changing rooms available inside Belper Sports centre.

Toilets: There will be portaloo’s (with paper & sanitiser) in the start/finish area.

Club / Group meeting points: if your club/group would like to erect a tent, gazebo or banner flag in the registration area for promotion or meeting up purposes please contact by email

How a rolling start works- After collecting your number & chip you will start immediately after attaching them. Your time starts when you cross the start line & finishes when you cross the finish line.

The Start: You will start on Wyver Lane DE56-2UB which Is a short walk away from Belper Meadows. Please follow the signs to the start.

Sub 2:30 start: will be at 07:30 for men & 07:33 for ladies

We have tried very hard to reduce the amount of road you have to run on & where you do have placed traffic management in place but we have to share the road with other road users.

 PLEASE DO NOT use MP3 players or headphones as there may be traffic including cycles on the roads & you need to be able to hear the traffic & any warning issued by other road users.

Please STOP at all road junctions & when you are joining the road from the verge & check for traffic before proceeding. Be safe not sorry.

Covid Info: When overtaking others, please politely let them know your behind them, your intentions & give as much distance as possible.

Water stations are located at approximately 11 & 15 miles

Note: Water will be supplied in bottles, You can either take the sports cap bottle with you or decant it into your own bottle please dispose of empty bottles in the bins provided just after the water station.

Disposing of litter on the course is an instant disqualification.

The Finish

Covid-19 info: After crossing the finish line you will be asked to sanitize your hands before leaving Belper Meadows.

All finishers will receive a bottle of water, finishers medal & a Belper Rover Morph neck tube /Face covering.

These will be placed after the hand sanitizer on a table after the finish for you to collect as you leave.

Prizes Male & Female: cash & trophy 1st/£100, 2nd/£50, 3rd/£25 with a bonus £50 for 1st finishers under 2:00hrs. Prizes will be posted out after the event to the address provided on entry.


Please ensure your number is clearly visible on the front of your shirt, we will have video control points at several locations. In the event of a dispute if your number cannot be seen or read on the video you may not get a prize. The race director’s decision is final.


The Belper Rover is full & there will be no entries on the day.

Numbers can be transferred by prior notification to the race Co- Ordinator.


Please contact us by email if you wish to transfer your number giving the details of the person you wish to transfer the number to (name, address, date of birth, contact number running club, email address.

Entering under someone else’s number could void our insurance please do not run using someone else’s number without transferring it.

Thank you for entering The Belper Rover, The rover crew will be working hard on race day to ensure you have a great day & achieve your goal.